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We want to be your Number One resource for information about your Valley Village Home and determining Valley Village home values and we hope you will stop by often! By using our What's My Valley Village Home Worth "Value Market Snapshot" you can get the most recent comparables in the comfort of your living room. It is easy to use and it is FREE! In just 2 easy steps you will receive a report bursting with important market data including maps, charts and statistics. Your Comparative Market Analysis will be emailed to you within an hour and then reports will automatically arrive every month so you will always have the most current information regarding the Valley Village Real Estate market. Go ahead you have nothing to lose and a wealth of information to gain.

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"What's My Valley Village Home Worth?" that is a question I hear all the time. As a Valley Village Resident myself I wonder the same thing. If you are thinking about selling your home and are asking yourself that question or just inquisitive like me. Or if you are a buyer wondering if Valley Village Real Estate is within your budget...I would like to help. There is a right way and a wrong way to buying and selling a home and the first step to doing it the right way is to call a Realtor. I can help a Seller price their home properly and give tips on ways to make your home more appealing to buyers. I am also here to guide buyers through the process with as little stress as possible. I combine good old fashioned work ethics with today's technology

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What’s Your Plan?

It is a good idea to put some thought into how you want the sale of your house to go. Do you need to sell to buy? Is your timeline to move flexible or do you have a certain date in mind? Here are a few things to think about:

  1. Find the right Realtor for the Job
    Knowledge and Experience is what a dedicated Realtor can offer you when you are ready to put your home on the market. From knowing the best way to market your home to making sure you get top dollar. “The Right” Realtor® will form a powerful connection with her clients that allows for a successful, stress free close.
  2. Have a Plan to Attain Your Wants & Needs
    Listing your home can be scary because you have to also be thinking about where you will be moving to at close of escrow. Have your priorities in place. Is it important to you to close quickly so you can move to your new home even if it means taking a little less? Or would you rather hold out and hope to get a little more and rent after close of escrow. Make your Realtor part of your plan. The more she understands your needs the better she can negotiate on your behalf..... READ MORE
What's My Valley Village Home Worth

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